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Jaguar USA Certified Used Car Warranty Program

Wondering if anyone can provide insight into the issue of what one gets in terms of the fixed term (length in year(s)) as an additional tack on to the OEM new vehicle warranty coverage with a Jaguar USA Certified Pre Owned vehicle advertised as a CPO vehicle by a Jaguar dealership?

When a car is advertised as a CPO vehicle by a Jaguar dealership in the USA, what does that mean in terms of the length of the additional CPO warranty term on receives in return for paying the higher CPO asking price on a used vehicle?

I read that Jaguar USA increased the CPO term from 1 to 2 additional years on or before 1/1/2020 such that the price for the newly added 2nd year to the CPO extended warranty is therefore already included the advertised internet price for a CPO vehicle. Yet, despite what one would assume is the plain meaning of the below Jaguar CPO warranty advertisement , I have encountered a situation wherein a US based Jaguar dealer salesperson told me that the internet CPO price included only a 1 year Jaguar USA CPO Warranty and that the "optional second year of the CPO Warranty Term" was optional and would cost an additional $1100.00 over and above the already premium price asked for CPO Jaguars compared to what Carvanna and other on-line retailers ask for identically equipped/optioned vehicles of the same year and similar mileage.. I read that the Jaguar USA CPO Warranty used to be for a total of only 6 years from the original in-service vehicle date but was extended to 7 years prior to 1/1/2020. So my question is whether or not this Jaguar dealer's salesperson is materially misrepresenting the Jaguar USA CPO warranty program to defraud me of an additional $1100.00 by claiming that the CPO Internet price included only 1 year of extended warranty coverage and that year 2 is "optional" and will cost an extra $1100.00? In my professional career I have seen commission based dealer sales and finance people commit all kinds of civil theft, fraud and criminal violations involving expressly documented material misrepresentations in texts and e-mails so nothing would surprise me in regard to what a commission based sales staff is capable of in terms of knowing prevarications in order to earn a few extra commission dollars off an unsuspecting consumer..

Arguably, the Jaguar USA web site terms and conditions are pretty clear in terms of the semantic and contextual meaning as logically and legally the words "up to" should modify the lesser of the 7 years or the 100k mileage and should not be understood to indicate a bifurcation of the 2 year CPO warranty term into separately chargeable coverage years.

Does anyone have an insight or knowledge in this regard?

This limited warranty is added on top of the vehicle’s new car warranty.** Using only Jaguar Land Rover Genuine Parts, this limited warranty covers repairs for sudden and unexpected mechanical or electrical failure, and work is only undertaken by Jaguar Trained Technicians. Nothing less. The warranty covers the vehicle for up to 7 years / 100,000 miles, whichever comes first.

*Jaguar Approved Certified Pre-Owned Coverage, including limited warranty and roadside assistance, expires up to seven years from the original in-service date or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. Original in-service date is the earlier of the new-vehicle retail sale or in-use date, as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC. Select vehicles may have the option for different warranty terms. Vehicles with the 7 years/100,000 miles limited warranty are limited in supply and only available at participating Jaguar Retailers. See your local authorized Jaguar Retailer for complete terms and conditions of the limited warranty and service coverage.

**Coverage begins on the vehicle’s original sale date or in-use date, as reported to Jaguar Land Rover North America, LLC.
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