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Jaguar F-Pace Crossover Is Hottest Selling Car in U.S.


Jaguar has gotten into the luxury crossover business, one of the hottest segments in the car market. Its new F-Pace is so successful that the average time from when a dealer gets one until it is sold is only 19 days, the fewest of any model from any car company which sells vehicles in America.

Jaguar is in the midst of trying to recreate Porsche?s business model. For decades, Porsche made and sold the iconic 911. It finally broke its mold as a sports car company and launched the Cayenne SUV in 2002. The Cayenne quickly became Porsche?s best selling vehicle. In 2009, Porsche released a sedan, the Panamera. Two years ago, it launched the Macan crossover which competes directly with the Jaguar F-Pace.

The F-Pace is priced about the same as German crossovers. With a base of $42,065, it competes on price with the base Macan, the BMW X-3, and the Mercedes GLC.

Jaguar?s primary challenge has been diversifying beyond its coupes and sedans. These are the XE, XF, XJ, and F-Type. SUV and crossover sales have exploded in the U.S., mostly as the expense sedans and coupes, Jaguar has been trapped in a low growth, or no growth business model.

The F-Pace is generally reviewed as one of the best vehicles in its class along with the Porsche Macan. Like all vehicles in its class, it has several levels of upgrades. This can take the price of the F-Pace to above $70,000